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Helping you strengthen your organization from basic to advanced cybersecurity 

Advanced Cybersecurity Group Enables Organizations To:

Build a
Strong Workforce 

Securing, protecting, and defending our nation’s cybersecurity data and infrastructure requires a responsive, extensive, and highly trained workforce.

  • Looking to build skills, career changers seeking to forge a new path or professionals wanting to retrain for the next phase in life.

  • Our training includes specialized cybersecurity training, general cybersecurity courses and cyber business courses for non-technical professionals.  

  • Train using cybersecurity best practices, in a practical and immediately applicable environment.

Achieve Cyber and Business Resilience

Cyber and Business Resiliency is a concept that brings the areas of information security, business continuity and resilience together.

  • Achieve the ability to continuously deliver you’re services despite adverse cyber events

  • Build strength and muscle memory into all of your IT and Cyber systems. 

  • Ensure your business processes and services remain intact and fully operational. 

Maximizing Cyber
Operations Capabilities
  • Focusing on digital security across all forms of technology.

  • Assuring business critical products and services are secure.

  • Delivering program specific solutions to enable business and security operations.

  • Developing tools and systems that create a proactive or advanced security operations for the organization..

Special Programs for Unique Situations

The world is becoming a more complicated place. With nation state cyber-attacks. Cyber terrorism and cyber espionage. New skills and services are needed to protect what we hold most important, as a nation, businesses and citizens.

Our team has several unique, hard won and deep skills in our special programs services. Gained from working across the military, IC and corporate America.

             We offer these skills to you.

  • Active Cyber Defense Operations

  • Cyber Deception

  • Cyber Deterrence

  • Security Operations Center

  • Cyber Intelligence Programs

  • Cyber Policy and Legislation

  • Red Team Operations

  • Cyber Threat Modeling

  • Cybersecurity and National Security

  • Cyber Diplomacy

Customer Feedback

“We used ACGroup to come in and train our team on Cyber Intelligence and Deception. The team quickly showed us gaps that we didn’t know we had and created a program that we have been using for 7 months with great success. And we have been able to keep employees longer because of our training. ACGroup is a strong team that understands our challenges and issues.” 

Joe C. Finance Sector

“Our team had several skills gaps when it came to cyber operations. Our team attended a training event by ACGroup and were impressed by the approach to teaching. We engaged the team to help us assess our technical and non technical areas and then they created a customize program for our company. Since that first engagement we have been very pleased by the training we are getting” 

Rich H. CIO Telecommunications Sector

“We engaged Mr. Hancock because he was referenced to me from an Intelligence agency. After discussing our issues and goals, he came back with a robust and flexible plan. We engaged him to redo our training curriculum and teach for both phases of our program. As a result we graduated soldiers with high capability and more understanding of the cyber environment. Great job done by the ACGroup team.” 

General Staff Officer US Army 

“Entered the MBA program because of its unique perspective on Cybersecurity. From the first class I was overwhelmed. But as the teaching started, I was surprised at the teaching method. Very practical and understandable. After 2 years the exercises are still challenging but I get it! I highly recommend ACGroup’s training.” 

Alan P. COO Healthcare Sector


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