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As your business grows so does your risk for becoming a target.

Having a trained workforce that understands the basics of cyber, and how your adversary is going to try to attack you has now become the minimum requirements to protect your organization.

We apply cybersecurity training to technology professionals and non technology professionals. We believe that cybersecurity is not just a technical issue, its a business issue. Our programs are based on training all professionals in cybersecurity.

ADVANCED CYBERSECURITY GROUP'S CYBERSECURITY TRAINING PRACTICE, leverages a highly proactive and application based approach to training technical and non-technical professionals.

Based on our unique business and cybersecurity expertise we have developed a project based approach to learning. We focus on the foundations and then apply practical expertise to your organization.'

Everyone has a role in cybersecurity today.

The challenge is understanding how cybersecurity applies to what you do, as a professional.

Are You Concerned About:

-Your workforce leaving?

-Not finding the right staff for your needs?

-Having the expertise to manage cybersecurity? 

-Knowing what assets to protect?

-How to create an Enterprise Cybersecurity Risk Plan?

-Knowing where you are most vulnerable?

Our Experience 

-30 years of technical training. 

-17 years of teaching MBA and business programs in cybersecurity.

-Teaching at major Universities. (domestic and international)

-Teaching military, intelligence community organizations.

-Deep industry specific cybersecurity training. 

          Who We Do It For

Biz Image 2.jpg

Organizations needing a comprehensive test and evaluation of employees 


Technical teams who want to upgrade or change skills


Training of non technical professionals into cybersecurity 

                   HOW WE HELP

Cybersecurity Training 

  • Cybersecurity Enterprise Risk Management

  • Crisis Management 

  • Table Top Exercises & Simulations

  • Insider Threat Program

  • Cybersecurity Audit

  • Cybersecurity for CEO's, COO's and Boards

  • Cybersecurity for Healthcare professionals

  • Cybersecurity for Attorney's 

  • Compliance and standards training(NIST-20 CSC etc)

  • Incident Response & Crisis Mgt

  • Cyber Intelligence 

  • Active Cyber Defense

  • Cyber Deception

  • Security Operations Center 


  • Cyber Operations (8 disciplines)

  • Cyber PMO

We train both aspects of cybersecurity-Technical and Non Technical. In today's business you have to combined both to be successful. 


        Industry Expertise 

“We used ACGroup to come in and train our team on Cyber Intelligence and Deception. The team quickly showed us gaps that we didn’t know we had and created a program that we have been using for 7 months with great success. And we have been able to keep employees longer because of our training. ACGroup is a strong team that understands our challenges and issues.” 

Joe C. Finance Sector

“Our team had several skills gaps when it came to cyber operations. Our team attended a training event by ACGroup and were impressed by the approach to teaching. We engaged the team to help us assess our technical and non technical areas and then they created a customize program for our company. Since that first engagement we have been very pleased by the training we are getting” 

Rich H. CIO Telecommunications Sector

“We engaged Mr. Hancock because he was referenced to me from an Intelligence agency. After discussing our issues and goals, he came back with a robust and flexible plan. We engaged him to redo our training curriculum and teach for both phases of our program. As a result we graduated soldiers with high capability and more understanding of the cyber environment. Great job done by the ACGroup team.” 

General Staff Officer US Army 

“Entered the MBA program because of its unique perspective on Cybersecurity. From the first class I was overwhelmed. But as the teaching started, I was surprised at the teaching method. Very practical and understandable. After 2 years the exercises are still challenging but I get it! I highly recommend ACGroup’s training.” 

Alan P. COO Healthcare Sector


Industry Sectors We Work in


Intelligence Community 

Dept of Homeland Security

Energy Sector 

Financial organizations 

Oil & Gas









Our team has combine, 3 decades teaching cybersecurity to corporations, Defense, Intel and civilian communities and international organizations. Additionally, all staff is or has been Adjunct professors at major universities. 

We are not full-time professors, we are experts our fields, who happen to be exceptional instructors and enjoy working with other professionals to solve problems.

Building on what you know and do, we help you  apply new ideas techniques and procedures so you to be more effective at your profession.

This is why we exist. We help business and cyber professionals strengthen what you know and provide insights, a career’s worth of knowledge, and we focus it on helping you succeed.

        Please let us know how we can help you.

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