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Cyber Business Risk Management

Cyber Business Risk Management-- is the combination of personnel, policies, processes, and technologies that enable an organization to keep a strong cybersecurity posture, manage IT systems efficiently and maximize business operations. And, doing this in a cost effective, efficient and secure manner.

                        We help you reduce your business risk and

       give you confidence in successfully managing your cybersecurity.

ADVANCED CYBERSECURITY GROUP'S CYBER BUSINESS RISK PRACTICE, leverages a highly differentiated approach for delivering strategic advice and implementing programs.


Based on our unique understanding and experience of business operations and cybersecurity, we have experienced the constantly-evolving risk environment, the requirements necessary to manage and measure risk and risk management programs effectively. 


We create and implement solutions to meet the cyber and business risks in today’s marketplace.


Our primary objectives are helping clients protect critical assets, be more resilient and position their enterprises for growth.

Are You Concerned About:

-How your team will respond to an incident?

-Knowing what assets to protect?

-How to create an Enterprise Cybersecurity Risk Plan?

-Where you are most vulnerable?

Are You Confidant About:

-Your team being  prepared?

-Your executives being assured that you can handle a breach?

-Tying your business operations to cybersecurity?

          Who We Do It For

Biz Image 2.jpg

Organizations needing a comprehensive evlauation


Executives who need           an evaluation of

cyber business risk


Organizations needing a complete cyber business program developed

                   HOW WE HELP

Cyber Business Risk Management  

  • Cyber Enterprise Risk Management 

  • Insider Threat Program

  • Incident Response & Crisis Mgt 

  • Technology-Strategy Implementation 

  • Supply Chain Risk

  • Compliance, Legal & Regulatory 

  • Threat Modeling 

  • IT Portfolio Management 

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Table Top Exercises & Simulations

  • Cyber & Business Resilience 

  • Virtual CISO Services 

  • Assessment & Advisory Services

  • Cyber PMO

  • NIST Critical Infrastructure Framework

  • CIS 20 Critical Security Controls

            We help organizations create effective cybersecurity and business operations programs


        Industry Expertise 

"One of our competitors had a cyber-attack. As we watched it unfold our CEO and Board of Directors started asking questions about our resilience. Given the complexity of our organization we chose Advanced Cybersecurity Group because of their ICS/SCADA expertise. They helped us identify all of our risk areas, created a plan of action and then trained us to use it.  Highly recommend this team."

John T. COO Energy Sector

"We knew we had an insider threat issue. We only had a few people on the team who had an idea on how to solve it. ACGroup did a fantastic job! They assessed our key areas of concern and then tied the technical aspects to the business/employee aspects. They created a program, trained our team and then was on call for 6 months incase we had questions. Excellent knowledge, expertise and professionalism from this group."

Barbara M. CRO Manufacturing Sector

“Our company has a good understanding of business risk. But we knew it wasn't across the entire company. We engaged ACGroup to help us determine our cybersecurity enterprise risk strategy. We are very happy with the results. The team walked us through the business, technical and cybersecurity risks we had and helped us create a very robust program to increase our security and our investments. Very thorough team, excellent work.”

Tom T.  CEO Financial Sector 

“We have been in the M&A business for years. Cybersecurity has a large impact on M&A success. We chose Advanced Cybersecurity Group because of their reputation in the industry. They came in and did an in-depth review and assessment of one of our portfolios, identified key issues and then presented a plan of action for us to take. Not only did they asses our investment they educated us on what risks to look out for. They have done a great job helping us ensure our investments and transactions.”

Mike K. VP Mergers & Acquisitions 


Industry Sectors We Work in


Intelligence Community 

Dept of Homeland Security


Energy Sector 

Financial organizations 

Oil & Gas






City & State governments




With our combined 100 plus years in cybersecurity, we help our customers navigate, understand and implement the cybersecurity practices that fit their organization and their risk tolerance.   

We are a team of experts who are and have been CISO’s, business executives and advisors. Collectively we have built over 30 Security Operations Centers. Managed 500 million-dollar businesses and have implemented the NIST Cybersecurity Framework over 30 times.

Our mission is to help our clients tie the business to Cybersecurity, reduce the costs and increase your security posture. And have more confidence and capability when dealing with cyber issues.

                                                 Please let us know how we can help you.

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