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We take our values seriously, its not something you hang an on a wall to impress, it's what we live by as a team. Our staff is made up from military, government and corporate experts who love to work with your team to help solve problems. No hype, just solutions. 

                                                                                              OUR VALUES

  • Integrity is having the courage to make tough ethical decisions, taking pride in our work, being transparent with our team, and being respectful of everyone.

  • Innovation is not limited to our engineers and scientists. We must all act as catalysts. Be tenacious and curious to help us excel, and be a part of a learning organization.

  • Agility is our ability to think and act small while using the size and strength of our balance sheet to our advantage. It is about being flexible, creative, and resilient.

  • Collaboration is being inclusive, team-oriented, and proactively engaging—building relationships and staying connected with each other.

  • Commitment to our customers and our team means we are accountable, take ownership, model servant leadership, and operate with a sense of urgency.


With decades of experience supporting thousands of enterprise and government clients, we know the cyber solutions landscape extremely well. We understand the challenges our clients face every day – because our people have occupied a seat on the other side of the table, seeing business and cybersecurity risk from where you sit.


Our unique team of former CISOs, security technologists and operations experts leverage an “I’ve experienced that, and solved that” perspective to deliver solutions that help our clients maximize and communicate the effectiveness of their cybersecurity programs. Most consultancies operate from an outside in perspective. They think software tools and platforms will solve your risk.

We start with core requirement of every enterprise - risk mitigation - and build out from there with strategy, operations design and implementation all with an eye towards managing the day to day, tactical risk.


This enables our customers to build a sustainable risk-centric foundation for implementing proactive and measurable security programs that are far more effective at reducing current and future risk than is possible with the reactive outside-in model.

How Can We Help You?

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