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Our Special Programs Directorate was created in response to the frustration we hear from corporate, federal and international organisations about cyber attacks. And from senior cybersecurity professionals who support a more robust approach to protecting critical assets. 


Our team supports a much more proactive approach and strategy to protecting our assets.

        Advanced Cybersecurity Group Special Programs

Active Cyber 
Defense Operations

Active Cyber Defense has been used for more than 20 years, and it's now becoming a talked about option for organizations. Our team has deep experience across government and commercial sectors implementing and running this program.

  • Organizational assessment

  • Program evaluation

  • Program construction and operations

  • Training  

                                       **Active Cyber Defense is not "Hacking Back"**


Cyber Deception has become more popular in recent years as a component of actively protecting your network. With many products, but little in terms of operational expertise, our team has assessed products and implemented programs. 

  • Training

  • Assess infrastructure

  • Assess security operations

  • Program construction and operations


Cyber Deterrence is your ability to dissuade and deter potential adversaries from successfully attacking you. It requires a holistic view of business and cyber operations. 

We provide the means for a successful deterrence strategy.

  • Strategic review

  • Policy and program assessment

  • Training

  • Program implementation

Cyber Intelligence 

Understanding the technical and non technical issues that cyber represents and how your organization digests and uses this data can make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful attack. 

  • Strategic-Operational-Tactical review

  • Program lifecycle development

  • Program design and implementation

  • Training

Cyber Policy and 

The impact of legislation on corporations and citizens is far reaching. Our team works regularly over the last 10 yrs on cyber policy. 

  • Advise corporations on the impact of cyber polices

  • Advise legislators on policy design, security

  • Ramifications and corporate impact

  • Assist in drafting legislation.

Red Team 

Ensuring that your systems are resilient and operating at peak effectiveness is critical to understanding and managing your risk. 

  • IT systems and cyber assessment

  • Program design and implementation

  • Training 

Cyber Threat Modeling 

Knowing your risks and how the adversary will attack you gives you a proactive approach and confidence in your Cybersecurity Strategy

  • Business assessment and risk plan

  • Technical assessment

  • Profile design

  • Program implementation and training

Cybersecurity & 
National Security 

The impact of cybersecurity and national security now impacts every citizen, company and organization, and our international partners. We provide our expertise in this area. 

  • Threat assessment

  • Risk evaluation and remediation

  • Policy to operations program plan

  • International considerations

Cyber Diplomacy

Cyber Diplomacy is a new and growing field where the intersection of national issues are clouded and impacted by cybersecurity issues. Our team has worked around the world helping organizations manage this issue. 

  • Strategic-Operational-Tactical assessment

  • Program and Policy review

  • Program construction and implementation


“We run a very large Healthcare organization, we have an IT and cyber team, but they are limited in expertise since they spend all their time looking inside the organization. We engaged ACGroup because we were concerned that we might have been overlooking key areas. After our initial engagement we quickly realized that we should retain ACGroup to help us set up a more proactive cyber stance.

They did a great job for us and we continue to retain their services. Amazing job”

Joyce C. Healthcare Sector

"Our agency needed to test our Cyber and IT systems. ACGroup had done some work for us before so we engaged them again to help us do some Red Team modeling and threat assessments. ACGroup did a very complete job with each of our team members. They conducted Red Team operations against our organization, some straightforward others not so much and provided not only a clear strategy but a way forward for our organization and then trained out staff. ACGroup did a fantastic job!"


Steve O. Federal Agency

“We were getting cyber threat data from many sources without a complete way to take advantage of the information or how it applied to us. We contacted ACGroup, they came in and created a customized program that helped us take advantage of all our assets and scale up our Cyber Intel program. As a result we stopped spending over 700k a year. This allowed the team to be more focused and successful in using the Intel we were getting. Great job and surprising result.”

James C. CISO Energy Sector 

“Our company is pretty mature when it comes to defensive cyber operations and we were looking into ways of being more proactive. We read a brief on Active Cyber Defense that ACGroup had written. We contacted and engaged them. They came in and did an assessment and set up a program. It really opened our eyes as to what is possible being more active in how we protect our company. They did a great job and now we have them as a core resource for our company. I recommend ACGroup”

Robert F. COO Financial Sector

      ABOUT US 

Our team has combine, over 100 years in cybersecurity. From basic operations to Special Programs. We are good at what we do, have been tested and learned an applied. 

Our skills in the Special Programs Group are unusual, but this is the way Cybersecurity is going. Becoming more proactive using new methods combined with old techniques to create a more robust cyber operations. 

We help business, agencies and organizations become more secure. 


        Please let us know how we can help you.

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