Cyber Operations-- is an interdisciplinary process that incorporates both the technical and operational aspects of cybersecurity. It encompasses areas such as secure coding, Incident Response, Security Engineering, Forensics and other technical areas. Along with how to manage those areas, such as Cyber PMO, Security Operations Center and includes disciplines such as Policy, Audit, Insider Threat, Supply Chain, Legal, Social Engineering and other similar domains.

Are You Concerned About Your Defensive Posture:

  • Keeping you team trained?

  • Lack of personnel to support your programs?

  • How to explain cyber risk management to your  executives?

  • How to use IT and Cyber Automation to streamline defenses?

  • Your systems being resilient enough?

  • Smaller projects keeping you from the priority projects?

  • Supply Chain Risks

Are You Ready To Be Proactive In Your Security Posture:

  • How to use and manage cyber intelligence

  • Implementing a cyber Deception program

  • Knowing where the next attack is coming from

  • Understanding your organization's threat model

  • Streamlining your cyber operations 

  • Creating your Cyber PMO

  • Insider Threat Program

We help you build the programs you need, or enhance the programs you have, so that you can focus on the most critical elements of your cyber operations.

Giving you the tools to confidently manage, communicate and respond to any challenge that comes your way. 

                   CORE SERVICES 

Cyber Operations   


  • Optimize your cyber operations

  • Insider Threat Program

  • Incident Response/Crisis Management 

  • Technology Strategy & Implementation 

  • Supply Chain Program

  • Compliance, Legal & Regulatory Issues

  • Enterprise Threat Modeling 

  • IT Portfolio Management 

  • Cyber Range construction & operations

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Table Top Exercises & Simulations

  • Cyber & Business Resilience 

  • Virtual CISO Services 

  • Assessment & Advisory Services

  • Cyber PMO

  • NIST Critical Infrastructure Framework

  • CIS 20 Critical Security Co

  • Security Operations Center build and operate



“Our team had a loosely outlined IR Plan. We engaged ACGroup to help us mature our process. Not only were they able to help us be better prepared, they went the extra mile and helped us be resilient and tied our plan to the overall corporate strategy for IR and crisis management. Great team, they went the extra mile for us. They are now our ongoing advisor for all things cyber. Great professionals”

Phil J. CISO/CSO Oil-Gas Sector

“The team at ACGroup did an excellent job helping us identify, navigate and eliminate an APT in our network. When they needed to call in other people to support they acted as our representative to the vendors. They did a great job managing the situation and eliminate the APT. They have great depth and keen management skills. Good team to work with”

Steve T CIO/CISO Federal Sector 

“We had been watching the cyber attacks that other cities have been challenged with. We had become very concerned after a basic assessment was done. ACGroup was recommended to us. At our first meeting they made it clear we were their most  important customer. They showed us how to implement the NIST Framework and the 20 Critical Security Controls and then helped us with all the implementations, and remained on call for 6 months. Geoff and team did great work for us, highly recommended”

Diane M. CIO City Government

“Our IT team was doing double duty as our cyber team, but too many things were falling through the cracks. We saw Mr. Hancock speaking at an event and had him come do a simulation for us. After that, we engaged him to help us increase our security standing. Our project took 6 months and we extended for a year. We are in much better shape, we have a bigger budget and I report to the board now. Big improvements with our company. Very glad we engaged ACGroup for our cybersecurity needs.”

Paul C. CISO Retail Sector

Industry Sectors We Work in


Intelligence Community 

Dept of Homeland Security


Energy Sector 

Financial organizations 

Oil & Gas






City & State governments




With our combined 100 plus years in cybersecurity we help our customers navigate, understand and implement the cybersecurity practices that fit their organization and their risk tolerance.

Our cyber operations expertise comes, in part from building over 30 Security Operations Centers and running 15 others. From DoD, Intel community, private sector and internationally.  

Our mission is to help our clients reduce the costs of cybersecurity, increase their security posture and have more confidence and capability when dealing with cyber issues.

                                                        Please let us know how we can help you.